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What to expect from Hygienic Washroom Supplies

Hygienic Washroom Supplies is a family run business that is local to the North East and Yorkshire with two offices based in County Durham and North Yorkshire.

As an independent company we endeavour to keep our prices competitive and we achieve this through no third party involvement i.e. no leasing or alternative washroom company association. Your company deals directly with Hygienic Washroom Supplies throughout the period of your contract.

Hygienic Washroom Supplies strives to innovate at every opportunity delivering new and cost effective ideas for our customers, to ensure their experiences with Hygienic Washroom Supplies is of the highest order.

Hygienic Washroom Supplies pride ourselves by offering and delivering the highest standard, we achieve this through constant communication with our customers. Each customer is provided with a personal online account where they can view documentation and order products and make changes at their own convenience.

As a company Hygienic Washroom Supplies aims to support our customers at every step and enjoy long-term business relationships that enhances all parties.



  • What is a leasing contract and your involvement

    A leasing contract is a third party involvement with a bank or broker. What this means is that once you have signed your contract all finances are dealt with through the third party. This could entail added costs for your company and once signed no alterations can be made until the termination of the contract.

    Hygienic Washroom Supplies uses no third parties you deal directly with HWS and incur no added third party costs.

  • How does my company pay and frequency

    Your company pays Hygienic Washroom Supplies by BACS or Standing Order, we are a flexible company and can discuss other payment method if the above are not an option.

    Frequency of payment is quarterly in advance.

  • How do I design my Logo Mat

    All company designs or ideas are emailed to Hygienic Washroom Supplies with required mat size and we will do the rest at no added cost.

    Alternatively a company representative can attend your company premises and discuss your matting needs.

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